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Green Activities Since 2020

Green Activities is awarded to small companies that operate in

the nature in accordance with the principles of sustainable tourism.

The Green Activities certificate we have received is a sign of our

long-term environmental work for our reindeer, our unique nature

and our traditional local culture. We are therefore constantly working on various projects to protect our valuable nature, which is vital for

the well-being of reindeer. Every year, we define concrete environmental goals for our operations and review our operations

from all aspects of sustainable development.


Our responsibility goes hand in hand with the core values ​​of our company. We commenced experience-travelling alongside our traditional reindeer farm and reindeer husbandry in 2017. It has been clear to us from the beginning that we want to show the real life of

the reindeer farm in all our products and in our channels. We offer authentic experiences in real environment and develop new well-being programs based on nature and the presence of animals, as well as new products for the benefit of animals.


Promoting sustainable tourism requires a genuine interest in the issue and long-term work for sustainable development. Our great resource is our extensive network between tourism, reindeer husbandry and various organizations, which allows us to develop our own but also other companies in our field and protect our environment and cultural heritage. We defined a set of criteria for the well-being of reindeer in spring 2022 together with Going Green Oy and the University of Lapland.

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