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We are a big reindeer farm but a small family business focusing on reindeer tourism. We are located at the heart of the most beautiful regions of Kuusamo close to Ruka. In winter time we enjoy unforgettable moments riding in reindeer sledges. In the future, we hope to provide even longer rides in the wilderness which is practically next door. Our reindeer form part of our family and a huge part of our daily lives. We give our reindeer a lot of love and affection, during the winter months right here at our home. The reindeer are giving the daily food in the morning while we also talk to them and listen to what is on their minds! In the evenings we wander underneath the starlit sky. In summer time we observe our young horn-headed friends from a distance with binoculars.

Kujalan porotila Juha Kujala
Poronvasa Kujalan porotila.jpg

Our farm is located in Nissinvaara, a ridge overlooking the lake Nissinjärvi. Kujala family has lived here for over a century. The buildings at the farm have witnessed a lot through the years. They have also increased in number. The fields around the farm employ the staff in summers and provide food for our reindeers in winters. Today, the size of our herd is hundreds, but if you ask how many there are in total, the answer you hear is "both sides of the tree". The farm is run by  two reindeer herders, Juha and his artistic wife Jenni, plus 'Kiela', a cute finnish lapphund  and a lapponian herder 'Naava' who is helping in herding the reindeer. We also have some reindeers living at Ruka, along Rosa & Rudolf slope during winter. 

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porotilan kesä

Tall trees and magnificent-looking ridges begin right at our backyard and they meander between lakes and ponds deep into the wilderness. In the changing environment we use snowshoes, snowmobiles, quad bikes to experience the beauty of this all. Alternatively, one can go on foot, depending on the season. The rich nature offers us and our reindeer a lot to feed on; mushrooms, berries along with the scenery. 

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