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The new reindeer center is here! The center has a new expanded farm shop with reindeer products, a craft workshop and a scenic cafe, which combines the history of the farm, reindeer art and local delicacies.

Welcome to our farm and farm shop on order and within café opening hours, which you can find in our social media sites!

Art café

Our cafe has a wide selection of wonderful tea, which you can also buy to go, coffee, local treat called "kampanisu", buns and donuts, and of course reindeer treats. The café offers a wonderful view over the farm. From there you can see reindeer eating in their enclosure or the reindeer sleigh-rides running below. From the café you also see some of the farm history, reindeer art and Finnish design.

Alcohol license.

farm shop.jpg

Farm shop

Our farm shop can now be found at the reindeer center. You can buy high-quality reindeer meat from the freezer, fresh and canned, reindeer hides and antlers, as well as the farm's art and handicrafts and other local crafts.


From the farm shop, you can peek into the new craft workshop, where the products are made. Reindeer antlers, machines and all kinds of tools, among which the artist of the farm might be busy at work. Want to join in a workshop to learn more about our local culture and reindeer as material? Creative workshops are coming soon!.



In the evenings, the kitchen and cafe turn into a restaurant that serves by reservation. Join the reindeer herder's dinners and feast on four courses of wild food! Parties and gatherings are also successful here!

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