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Kujalan Porotila Kuusamo
Welcome to the world of reindeer!
Summer activities open every week Tue-Sat

Our Café is closed. Farm shop is open during farm visits and other times only on order.

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Howdy all you reindeer and like-minded! Kujala Reindeer Farm is one of the oldest and biggest reindeer farms in Kuusamo. We offer reindeer adventures all year round and sell high-quality reindeer products, art and handicrafts made on the spot. The reindeer center farm shop is open during farm visits and on order. Farm and café opening hours you can check on our social media sites. Please book your visit to the farm by booking a reindeer adventure! By visiting our authentic farm, you support local culture and our ancient livelihood!


He we are in summer pastures! We are a part of nature and our well-being drives from nature. Some of us are here at home from time to time during summer, just about half way from Kuusamo to Ruka. You are welcome to visit us here at the farm by booking your visit or calling our Juha +358405515927 who can tell you more about our programs. You are welcome to visit our farm shop on your visit, during opening hours or by order. Reindeer can come here on foot, people also by car or bike. Welcome to our home! Sincerely, Kujala reindeer and their people!

Kujalan Porotila Jenni ja Rainbow



Kujala Reindeer Farm is a genuine reindeer farm that dates from 1860. The farm is run by 5th generation of reindeer herders. We commenced experience-travelling in 2017 and our very own reindeer hadicrafts workshop.


We are a large and traditional reindeer farm with a long history of reindeer herders, reindeer and incredible stories. As a reindeer tourism company, we are a unique and homely place in the middle of beautiful nature of Ruka-Kuusamo. We have lovely reindeer, which we take care of with love and passion for the ancient livelihood. In 2017, we welcomed all our friends to Kiela’s Kota. We set out in 2019 to develop responsible tourism, and we are still on that path. In 2022, we opened the reindeer center, which combines reindeer herding, farm history, reindeer products, experiences, art, handicrafts and wild food in wonderful scenery!

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